Hot Jobs in Indiana

List of the Top 10 Hottest High Wage Jobs


Projected to be hot careers of the future in Indiana, based on formulas developed by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development


Article by Patricia Tokar, CPA
(article last updated Oct 25 2015)

The Indiana Dept of Workforce Development has released a list of the Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs.

These are all projected to be good wage, good growth jobs, targeted toward the year 2020.

Here is a list of the top 10 as o 10-25-15:



1. Registered Nurse - Salary $57,370 - Associate's Degree


2. K-12 Teacher - Salary $49,151 - Bachelor's Degree


3. Truck Driver - Salary $38470 - Certification


4. Sales Representative - Wholesale, and Mfg - $53,790 -High School Diploma or GED


5. General and Operations Manage - Salary $90,540 - Bachelor's Degree


6. Licensed Practical Nurse - $39.900 - Certification


7. Postsecondary Teacher- Salary $60,958 - Doctoral or Professional Degree


8. Accountant - Salary $59.060 - Bachelor's Degree


9. Office Manager - Salary $45,580 - High School Diploma or GED


10. Electrician - Salary $60,310 - Certification









The following hot jobs are also featured on the Indiana site.

The number is the ranking on the Hot 50 List.


19. Social Worker - Salary $41,110 - Bachelor's Degree


20. Plumber - Salary $53,300 - Certification


25. Comupter Systems Analyst - Salary $68,770 - Bachelor's Degree


28. Dentist - Salary $137,470 - Doctoral Degree


30. Law Enforcement Officer - Salary $46,000 - High School Diploma


44. Machinist - Salary $38,310 - Certification


50. Personal Financial Advisor - Salary $74,610 - Bachelor's Degree








It's good that the list is a mixture of jobs that require various levels of education, although certainly it is weighted toward those with at least a Bachelor's degree.





Michigan State University has also released the Top 20 Starting Salaries. Here are the first seven.


These jobs are in demand right now, according to the list. The salary listed is the starting salaries for 2014-15 graduates.


1. Electrical Engineering - $57,030


2. Computer Engineering - $56.576


3. Mechanical Engineering - $56,055


4. Software Design - $54,183


5. Computer Programming - $54.065


6. Chemican Engineering - $53,622


7. Computer Science - $52,237






The site has a very comprehensive list, including jobs in demand by industry, education, and salary. It is well worth reviewing if you are thinking of changing careers or if you are unemployed and looking for a great new career path. Here is the link Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs.


How These Job Lists May Help You


When you are doing a job search in Indiana, these lists can help you in several ways:

First, you will have an idea of the average salary to expect once you are experienced and established in the position. You can use this information in negotiating a starting salary.

Second, you will have a better idea of whether you are applying in a field that is expanding and actively seeking employees and therefore have an idea of whether you can be more relaxed about choosing the right job.

Third, it may help you to choose a job that will put you on the path to your future dream job. For example, if you want to be a registered nurse, and you see that it is reasonable to expect that you will be able to get a job in that field in the next few years, then you may decide to find an entry-level job in a related field, such as a nurse's aide, so that you can gain experience while you get your degree, plus keep "in the loop" about advancing job openings as they arise.

Fourth, it may help you to avoid taking a job in a field that is expected to diminish, rather than expand, thus avoiding another layoff.

Fifth, this may help you to decide what career and education path you should choose for finding a job that pays well and is expected to stay in demand for the next decade or so.




Here are some other links to site that list jobs in demand all over the United States:

(Links open in a new window)

10 Best Cities to Get Hired - manufacturing seems to be most in demand


Top 25 Fastest Growing Industries for 2010 to 2011 - from Kelly Services - includes consulting, elderly services, therapy, EDP and Internet Hosting and Publishing, Home Health Care, Cable and Satellite Programming and more


The Top 10 Skills Employers Want - not a job list, but a good list from Manpower that may help you know what to emphasize when writing your resume (also has job listings on their site)


Top 25 Fast Growing Michigan Jobs - 2009- 2016 - article was written in 2009 but still has numerous good links to Michigan jobs ideas, placement assistance, and opportunities


2012 Salary Guides - from Robert Half - also not a list of jobs in demand, but a good resource for reviewing salary expectations for selected areas of the United States


Top 10 Companies Hiring This Week - from AOL jobs, this is a list of companies hiring for the current week - it also lists the top job categories for each company


10 of Today's Hottest Jobs - Kiplinger from July 2011


Best Jobs in America - from CNN Money. This lists the top 10 high-growth jobs in the United States (The first five are: Software Developer, Physical Therapist, Financial Advisor, Civil Engineer, and Marketing Specialist) as well as Best Jobs if You're Over 50, Best Jobs for Saving the World, Awesome Jobs, and many more. A good resource.

Best of success with your job search and your career!


Here is a quote that we should all remember, but especially for those that are seeking a job:


"When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us." ~ Helen Keller


You might also enjoy the little book Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard. This is our Amazon sponsored link, but rather than buying it, I might suggest first checking your local library. This is a little book with a good message and it is a very fast read.


Article by Patricia Tokar, CPA . Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this article.


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Useful Resources


Indiana Hot 50 Jobs

This is a link to the Hoosier Hot 50 referenced in this article


Indiana Career Connect - Indiana Job Openings, state sponsored site

This is a link to the Indiana WorkOne job site


Michigan Talent Bank - Bringing Jobs and Talent Together

This is a link to the State of Michigan Workforce Development job listings site



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